How to Have Harmony In the Home – Husband is the Spiritual Leader

To have authority you submit under authority.  This is a principle which governs relationships within the home.   Husband is the spiritual leader and has authority in Christ when under authority.  The wife has authority when under her husband’s authority.

The authority breaks down a home when you break chain of authority.  That is when the husband is not subject to Christ or wife not willing to submit according to God’s word then opens the door for spiritual attack.

Unfortunately, when out-of-order, disorder, disharmony and rebellion manifest through your children. Not only that but sickness and disease.

Jesus had authority under the authority of the Father (John 10:30) as being one like a marriage you become one.  There is harmony when everyone knows their place and authority.

Second, the Father required that all men should honor the Son (John 5:23).  Jesus was given authority over all creation.  The Father promoted Jesus and established Jesus over all creation.

If God did that, should the husband promote, set up and honor his wife over the home?  The husband is the spiritual leader and should make sure the children honor the wife’s position and now allow rebellion and disrespect but also praise the wife and esteem her.

“No head can function without a neck to hold it up; and no man can truly be the head of his home without voluntary submission and support of his wife.” quoted by Derek Prince

The wife should not have to seek her own honor or set up her own place.  When the wife feels honored and respected and praised, she does not fight for recognition or independence since the home is in harmony.  It is when it gets out of harmony, that the wife fights for recognition.

The husband is the spiritual leader and should create at atmosphere of rest and security for the wife so that she can be in harmony.  When the husband is in harmony with Jesus, then the wife and children are all in harmony with peace and rest instead of strife and fighting then it brings honor to the husband.  Not only that, it keeps the demonic out of the house.  The husband is the protector and the demonic should not go pass him in how he sets up the house.

If the house is out-of-order or in disharmony, then the children will manifest rebellion, strife, etc. but also are subject to disease such as ADD, Learning Disabilities, etc.  Why, because the house is out-of-order and chaos enters the home under the husband lines up correctly as well as the wife.

When the wife is bitter and resentful, it shows the husband is falling in his responsibilities toward her.  Jesus said “My father is greater than I” (John 14:28).  Jesus did not fight the recognition and maintained the unity within the Godhead.

The wife is one with the husband – and  also equal with him – God calls her to give herself to her husband for the sake of the unity.  If she refuses, there again, is the breakdown of unity in the home and disorder will result.

A man cannot be the head of the house until the wife yields to his authority.  Both are subject to Jesus as the head of the household.

Men, honor your wifes and give them praise and respect.

Women, honor your husband’s position, give him respect and honor.


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