How to appropriate the unconditional promises of God is to accept the promises of God through faith.

Either His Word is right or not, but you have to realize you are in a war. Sometimes it is a fight to get the prize or win the war and receive the benefits of the promise.

If you believe in the unconditional promises, then ask the Lord without wavering, and He does it because God loves you and will prosper you in everything you ask him.

Do you feel hindrance for getting your answer, do not lose faith and blame God for not giving it to you or not receiving what you are asking? Stand, believe, and hold out form Him to answer your prayer. If you need healing in your own life, believe that God wants you healed.

You must remember there is a devil with many demons who will try to keep you from being prosperous. You should fight and resist Satan, and he will flee (Jas. 4:7).

What I do is proclaim the unconditional promises of God over my life. I will stand even though I don’t see the answer and even if I don’t see any results. I sometimes feel as though I wrestle to get my answer, but we are in a war.

the Unconditional Promises of God

: How to Receive Divine Healing

Recently, I was attacked with my health and felt as though my body was attacking itself. Unfortunately, I had tremendous pain in my legs, swelling in my legs, and extreme chronic tiredness. I had to fight my way back. I proclaimed I was healed daily and did not lose faith. I believed it was an attack.

The first thing I realized was the attack was from an open door. I had guilt over something in the past or old programming. That programming was concerned or a false burden bearing over another person. I cared about what my actions would do and affect this other person. I had to see it and confess it to the Lord. God has to be number one, and it was holding me back to the fulfillment of the will of the father.

After I repented for the false responsibility manifesting as guilt, I stood firm before the Lord and proclaimed my healing. I got my healing by standing and believing and fighting. I believed for my healing on the cross.

Daily I would get up and thank the Lord for my divine healing. I was not going to allow the enemy in over my life. I knew the false responsibility was taxing my health and let the enemy attack my body. I was going to win no matter what.

Sometimes I was discouraged, but at times I would pray in the spirit and then proclaim healing over me and victory in Jesus. Just praying in the spirit caused my faith to rise and stand strong before the Lord with the confidence that the Lord would heal me, but I acted as if already healed.

As the days past, my strength returned, and the swelling stopped. I thanked the Lord daily for little evidence of healing but praised him for the complete healing. I was going to win this battle. Thank you, Jesus, for helping me to win this battle.

Divine Healing Scriptures

Ps. 37:4-5 “Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto he Lord; trust also in him, and he shall bring it to pass.”

Same thing when we pray for the salvation of loved ones; we need answers from the Lord. It is like the story of Jacob before he saw his brother Esau.

All night Jacob wrestled with the angel, making supplication for a blessing. The angel seemed to be resisting his prayer, by continually calling his sins to his remembrance, at the same time endeavoring to break away from him. Jacob was determined to hold the angel, not by physical strength, but by the power of living faith. In his distress, Jacob referred to the repentance of his soul, the deep humility he had felt for his wrongs. The angel regarded his prayer with seeming indifference, continually making efforts to release.”

When we are waiting for blessings or answers in prayer or healing, sometimes you do feel as though you wrestle with self. If you did not know it, we are in a war and need to have an attitude of war when it comes to receiving blessings, answers, or healing from the Lord.

If you are in the habit of running every time the battle goes against you, you will never get what you want.

Why Sometimes Even in the Battle Still No Answer

If you do not obey to the letters that you know to do, how can you expect these blessings? Do you give up quickly in the fight? Are you easily discouraged? Decide to obey God, decide that all double-mindedness and failure must stop.

The Unconditional Promises of God

Maintain an attitude of faith, ignore any feeling, thought, or happening that is contrary to the answer. If you can, stay decisive in faith. Strengthen yourself by reading Psalms and other scriptures to remain encouraged. Remember, not all your thoughts are yours, but Satan and his many demons projecting feelings to discourage you. You have to refuse any negative thinking. Learn to tear down negative thoughts or distinguish negative beliefs with the Word or cast them down according to 2 Cor. 10:5.

The Benefits and Promises of God: The Power of Prayer and Fasting

Also, it might be necessary to pray and fast until you get an answer from God. That means getting alone with the Lord, giving up food, and pressing in with Him until you know you have a release or answer.

Remember, faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things does not see (Heb. 11:1; Rom. 4:17-21.). If you have faith, you have the answer.

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