List of Traumatic Events

List of Traumatic Events - spirit of fear symptoms

List of Traumatic Events – spirit of fear symptoms

This list of traumatic events is a screening inventory for your life.  When there are several traumatic events, a spirit of fear comes into your life along with other spirits through door points.

Traumatic life events tear at the heart opening the door to the enemy.  Do you ever feel pain in your heart but it is emotional pain?  Through traumatic events, the devil takes advantage of a person.

Definition of Traumatic Events:

Trauma is a catastrophic event that happens to you which is violent, shocking and usually sudden.  A traumatic event refers to extreme stress that overwhelms a person’s ability to overcome.  Trauma is like a high intensity of high octane through extreme fear.  It opens a person up to spirit of fear symptoms.

Doorpoint Definition

An unloving behavior from another or traumatic event opens the door for the enemy to get into your heart.  It’s an opportunity (opening) for the enemy to bring in spirits of fear like like fear, anxiety, stress, OCD, etc.

Spirit of fear symptoms:

A lot of spirit of fear symptoms, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of man, fear of crowds, etc.  Problems with high places, crowded areas, going outside, phobias, anxiety attacks, panic attacks to anything related to that traumatic event, etc. Many times other spiritual issues such as bitterness, accusation, rejection, envy & jealousy, Anti-Christ, unloving spirits, etc.

Some wounds from trauma are immediately visible and some take time to show up.  A traumatic event is going to affect your spirit, soul and body.  When there is a spirit of fear, your body releases a lot of cortisol and long term cortisol drip starts damaging the immune system, opening the door to disease.

A spirit of fear can open the door to fear of relationships, not able to trust God or man depending on the type of traumatic event you experience.  Later affect your relationships, finances, opening the door to disease or effect your relationship with God especially trust issues with men.

The reason that trauma creates fortified spiritual roots is because of the intensity of the traumatic event and the repetitiveness of the trauma.  A spirit of fear is the immediate response to trauma, then rejection depending if traumatic event from a person does bitterness come in especially if love one did not protect or love you properly.

Then, filter life’s circumstances through issues which came into his or heart heart during traumatic events.  A filter is a demonic default, programming of response or triggers. The heart needs to be healed (the wound) then renewing the mind.  Many times a person creates false pathways to peace (sin behaviors) that need to be dealt with because of the filters called lies.  Example of false pathway is overeating to deal with stress.  Stress is a spirit of fear.  Looking at life through filters is a form of deception – is offended and rejected easily and don’t always see the truth.  They are very introspective and see life ready to be rejected.

Another aspect of traumatic event occurs from loved one, many vows are made consciously or subconsciously that need to be broken.  Vows and judgment is a form of bitterness.

A list of Traumatic Events opening the door to a spirit of fear, demonic influences, demonic oppression, heaviness, etc.:

Conception to Birth

  • Conception – forced encounter (born out of rape or drunkenness).
  • Born out of wedlock – unwanted (fear and rejection) – illegitimacy
  • Child is unwanted
  • Fighting while child is in the womb
  • Premature birth – problems with rejection.
  • Genetic problems – birth defects
  • Trauma of the birth process – C-section, cord around neck)
  • Conception as a result of drunkenness
  • Rejection because of gender

Illnesses or Separation

  • Adoption (rejection)
  • Absentee Dad or mom either emotionally or physically
  • Hospitalization of self or parents (being in isolation at birth)
  • Given over to grandparents to raise you
  • Parents divorce
  • Moving a lot
  • Parents both worked
  • Taken from mother


  • Close call deaths – car accident, sports accidents, war injury, near drownings, fires, earthquakes, hurricaine, etc.
  • Combat veterans or civilian victims of war
  • All other injury or mishap, near Accident

Conflicts in the Home/Church/Work/Peers

  • Domestic or intimate partner violence – screaming yelling
  • Parents that fight, abuse each other, etc. They could be alcoholic parents.
  • Course jesting, bullying, victimization
  • Scapegoating – being the one who takes the heat/punishment for others
  • School or teachers
  • Peers bullying
  • Bosses – abusive, manipulative, domineering, controlling, micro manage, bullying, dictatorial
  • Business relationships
  • Pastors and other church leaders
  • Doctors – Those diagnosed with a life-threatening illness or who have undergone invasive medical procedures
  • Government or legal system
  • Grew up walking on eggs not knowing if the parent will explode over something very little.
  • A performance oriented home where love is conditional
  • Not feeling safe on ongoing basis in the home
  • Keeping family secrets
  • Rejection by boyfriends and girlfriends or father and/or mother
  • Neglect: Failure by the child victim’s caretaker(s) to provide needed, age-appropriate care although financially able to do so, or offered financial or other means to do so, including physical neglect, medical neglect, or educational neglect.

Personal Violence or Shock

  • Kidnapping
  • Molestation, Rape, Incest
  • Premarital sex / promiscuity
  • False relgion / cults that control you and fear based
  • Robbery
  • SRA (Satan ritual abuse) through a coven.  Born in a coven
  • Forced abortion
  • Being the object of lies or gossip
  • Victim of verbal, emotional or physical abuse
  • Victim of racial prejudice or cultural prejudice
  • Death – People who learn of the sudden unexpected death of a close friend or relative
  • Financial loss or poverty
  • Graphic violent movies and horror movies that disturbed you
  • Personal Physical violence, Emotional violence, Spiritual violence
  • Physical assault such as mugging or carjacking
  • Major catastrophic events such as a plane crash or terrorist act
  • Loss of spouse, friends, parents, children
  • War/Terrorism/Political Violence: Exposure to acts of war/terrorism/political violence including incidents such bombing, shooting, looting, or accidents that are a result of terrorist activity as well as actions of individuals acting in isolation if they are considered political in nature.

Personal Ambitions

  • Unfulfilled expectations
  • Broken Dreams
  • Embarrassment
  • Loss of promotion or someone else taking recognition
  • Infidelity
  • Singe or childless

Some of the Habitual Sin or what I call programming symptoms from the list of traumatic events

  • Performance, perfection, drivenness in everything you do.  You cannot rest without feeling guilty.   You have a need for love and will go in great lengths in performance to get that need met through others or for self satisfaction but you still hear a voice saying you could have done it better.  Nothing is ever good enough.
  • eating disturbance
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Feeling helpless/passive
  • Irritable/difficult to soothe
  • Easily startled
  • Bitter memories
  • Being anxious on a daily basis
  • Shutting down emotionally
  • Isolation, withdraw, passive,
  • Fear of relationships and keep people out even though you want people in your life but see you push people away when they get to close.
  • Self sabotage,
  • Obsessive Compulsive,
  • Self hatred, hatred of others, distrust of others,
  • Feelings of unworthiness toward self and feel as though you are not good enough for God.
  • Fear of abandonment,
  • Fairytale mindset – they are dreamers,
  • Depression and Heaviness
  • Anxiety, inability to handle stress to change the chemicals in the brain.
  • Live with shame and guilt and try to please others to avoid that feeling.
  • elf rejection, rejection of others, etc.
  • Struggle with phobias of all types, panic disorders
  • Insomnia because of fear,
  • You control your environment and others through intimidation, domination, etc.
  • Outburst with anger, rage, murder, violence
  • Suffer from nightmares, flashbacks, etc.
  • Fear of heights or tight places and will avoid bridges and elevators
  • Hyper-arousal, Being on edge,
  • Anorexia, bulimia – food is your comfort
  • Paranoia feelings,
  • Self cutting to avoid emotional pain
  • Not able to focus
  • Self sufficient self reliant on self.

Children Coping Mechanism

  • Restless, impulsive, hyperactive
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Oppositional behavior
  • Difficulty paying attention
  • Lack of sustained curiosity
  • Problems processing information
  • Learning difficulties, developmental delays

Below is a prayer overcoming a spirit of fear in your life.

Trauma Prayer – Overcoming the spirit of fear:

A Prayer of Repentance – Spirit of Fear Deliverance

Father god, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I recognize that as a result of being hurt, I have allowed myself to hold onto unforgiveness, resentment, retaliation, anger, hatred, violence and murder (physical or verbal emotional) ________________________ against _____________ self others and God.

I recognize and accept responsibility for my sin and I agree with your judgment towards all acts that are not conformed to  your image.  I repent, I renounce and I ask forgiveness for my participation with these sins and I ask that these curses be broken in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Father God, I repent and renounce all false pathways to peace and sin issues that have developed.  I ask for your forgiveness for the following sins: ____________________________________.  Amen.

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