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Save the Children From Human Trafficking – Winning Souls for Christ

Stop Human Trafficking Now - Winning Souls for Christ

Save the children from human trafficking


 Watch the Video About How to Save the Children From Human Trafficking

Do you want to do something to save the children from human trafficking, you can help by giving. Watch the following video of life in Manila Cemetery – Sex Slavery.  Children are abandoned in cemeteries and dump in Manila, Philippines.  These children, to survive, are part of the Human Sex Slavery.  They are forced to sell their bodies as little as $1.50 per day so that they can eat.  You can help by giving $1.00 a day = $30.00 a month.

The cemetery is a thriving city with a vast and complex network of streets and alleys, tightly lined by tens of thousands of mausoleums and tombs.  Children and teenagers carry coffins for 50 Filipino pesos—about 50 American cents and collect scrap metal, plastic, and other garbage to sell so that they can eat.  Projects on the way to help these children in the cemeteries. It is time to save the children from human trafficking globally.

Future projects: start feeding programs for the children can eat instead of selling their bodies to eat.  Future is to build an orphanage to help these children have shelter and a safe place to lay their heads down at night.

If you watched the video and wanted to help save the Children, contact Sunshine Stanford with Living Waters, 469-396-6806.  It is time to reach out to these children, and we are about winning souls for Christ.


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