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Modern Day Slavery/ Human Sex Trafficking is on the Rise, 27 millions enslaved people in the world; human trafficking is once again the battlefront of the century.  See Statistics

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Manila, Philippines

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We need your support: Help Stop Modern Day Human Trafficking Outreach and help support me to the Philippines evangelistic trip to help abandoned children in Cemeteries.

Overview: Children abduction is big business by: 1) Internet predators lurking for young girls in United States, 2) kidnapped or 3) run­away children picked up for com­mer­cial sex.  In other coun­tries, sex predators are deceiving families and victims by offering the victims a better life, employment, educational opportunities or marriage, but end up being exploited for purposes of commercial sex, including prostitution, stripping, pornog­ra­phy and live sex shows.  The human trafficking epidemic is the second biggest moneymaker in the world today.  Some adults and child prostitutes are forced to ser­vice men 25 to 30 times a day.  Some are trafficked for organ harvesting.  Read more about how they are broken into submission:

The children in Manila are abandoned by their parents or parents use their children as young as 10 years of age as Human Sex Trafficking to feed their families because of lack of jobs.

Help Stop Victims of Human Trafficking

Regardless of nationality, victims are systematically stripped of their identity and dignity, battered into submission and made to do humiliating sexual acts to strangers repeatedly. Most people are held and hid in dingy apartments and brothels not fit for humans to live. These victims are forced to take heavy doses of illegal drugs and monitored very closely. Victims are often thrown into ghostly oppression as young as 3 years old and older. So many are being lured out of poverty or sold by their families with the promise that their children will have a better life.

Departure Date: April 2013

Purpose: To help set up daily feeding programs for the children abandoned in Cemeteries outside Manila, Philippines

Long-Term Goal:  Create Mission Home for these children to be taken off the streets, discipled daily, feed, sleeping quarters and trained to be good citizens of Manila.

Help Stop Human Trafficking – Support Human Trafficking Outreach Missions

Dear Friends and Humanitarian Believers,

Liberate and reintegrate Victims of Trafficking

We are passionate in involving caring people to join arms with us in this fight to end sex trafficking as well as introduce parents, children to the Lord our Savior Jesus Christ. We are passionate about changing lives of the innocent victims whose value are to mere existent and breathing. We are here to touch them and let them know that yes they matter to us.  We want to change lives and have a chance in life.  The average age is 10 years and they do 10 to 20 acts a night for $.50 per client.  If a child is prostituted at age 10, the average life span is 20.

We bring the TORCH to lighten the darkest despair of their Existence.  We are here because we choose to care.

We will be face to face with the victims, mostly children recovered from their inhuman plight to freedom from sex slavery and abuse to share the love of God and reach out to them in prayers, hope, value and love that surpasses understanding.

We will have an opportunity to help them cope the gnawing pain, shame and indignation of their imposed unprecedented humiliation as a human being.

We will be exposing a heightened awareness, revealing the truth to people and all mankind that Sex Slavery thrives only hidden in the shadows. In order to prevent this injustice from continuing, we must shine a light on it. We are committed to let people know the reality of Slavery in the conscience of society.

Saving Victims of Trafficking

Help us Stop Modern Day Slavery. Please join me as your representative. Become a financial partner, for merely the cost of daily coffee or more  would be an expression of your desire to see the ending of Human sex trafficking and would provide the crucial financial support needed to do our work. We will also be helping the victims with their daily food and necessities while they are recovering in the orphanage or safety houses. Thank you for caring in joining us in the international movement to raise awareness and restore the victims of the Modern Day Atrocity of Human Sex Trafficking.

Because we care,

Traci Morin
International humanitarian leader