Overcome Forces of Household Wickedness


What is household wickedness? Also, how to overcome forces of household wickedness. Sometimes there are family members in a household that have wickedness. You may have a mother-in-law who is a Jezebel. Maybe you have in-laws who practice witchcraft against you because they didn’t want you to marry your spouse. It could be a mother or father who turns against you.

Someone who has wickedness, will interfere and try everything to try to break up your marriage. Maybe even try to poison your spouse’s mind that you are the evil one.

Matthew 10:36. David in Psalm 41:9 said something about familiars: “Yea, mine own familiar friend, in whom I trusted, which did eat of my bread, hath lifted up his heel against me.”

Look at Cain and Able or Jacob and Esau or Joseph and his brothers? Absalom, the son of David, sought to kill and overthrow the kingdom of his father.  Finally, Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve disciples, who ate, handed Jesus over to his enemies by voluntary decision.That is considered household wickedness is trying to destroy your destiny or purpose in life. Many times, those assignments from parents are in-laws because of the anointing on your life.

It feels like rejection. The fact is they are rejecting the spirit of the Lord in you.

How to Overcome Forces of Household Wickedness?

  1. Separate them from their sin. These people are insecure and have inferiority complexes. It is not them but the sin in them. The enemy is using them to destroy your life. You have to determine no matter what you are not going to allow them to take your identity, purpose, and calling.
  2. Watch your heart that you don’t fall into bitterness towards them, or you blame yourself.
  3. Stop sharing plans with them.
  4. Putting boundaries on them is healthy.
  5. Get your spouse to agree with you that no matter what he/she will not leave you.
  6. Take time to pray and bind the spirit of witchcraft in them when around them.
  7. When they say something evil to you, don’t take it to heart. Realize the words are not theirs but Satan trying to hit you. Determine to not fall into accusation back.
  8. These people want to destroy your identity in Christ. Look up scriptures to remind yourself of your identity.
    Also, have scriptures of God’s protection. The Lord is much greater than their evilness. God always wins.

Breaking Household Wickedness Prayer

Father God, I thank you that you are my deliverer in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Oh, Father God, I stand and I bind, break and destroy all the effects of evil words over me

Father God, I forgive ____________ that are trying to destroy me and my marriage. I give them over to you.

Lord, I refuse to receive rejection from them. I separate them from their sin and I ask you Lord to help me to pray for them and their salvation.

Father God, I pull down every evil word against me from the second heaven and I break all the powers of those words and destroy those words and cast the demonic spirits to the pit of hell that are assigned to those words.

Father God, I stand in victory in you because of your love. I will not succumb to them. I pray for my and break all bewitchment against his/her mind and that he/she will have the mind of Christ, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen.