Thank you for filling out the two review forms and Liability form.  The form is confidential. As I train people, there are times I will have someone from the team online as well.

Scheduled Date – this should be in your email. Please note the time is central standard time.

Deliverance prayer ministry time is on Chicago time (central standard time). Please use the time converter if need help figuring your time with the ministry time. Please copy and past link into browser:  Also, if you are running late, send me an email. I will only wait 15 to 20 minutes for you. Email me at


Notification Twenty Four Hours (24) Before Ministry according to the Release of Liability

If you need to cancel, please let me know 24 hours ahead of time so that I can let others who will be assisting me to know since some come from across town. If you are going to be late or having computer problems, text me at 817-381-8115, let me know. If you don’t tell me, I will wait 15 to 20 minutes only.

Preparation Videos (REQUIRED) – Before Ministry

Before ministry, it is required for you to listen to video teachings to help prepare you for your ministry session(s). Also, please fill out the attached bitterness list and send it back to me as an attachment. 

Link to videos (you may have to copy and paste into your browser): – click on Free Download (orange button) and fill out the information to open up to the video and download pages. 

Payment Must Be Paid the Day of Ministry (unless arrangements have been made) if you have not paid already. If you have made payment, thank you for your donation!

If not made payment, payment expected the week of or the day of the ministry.(You may need to copy and paste link into your browser). We are a 501c3 ministry.

Spiritual Clean Your Home

If you’ve been involved in the occult, witchcraft, or new age, you may need to remove items from your home. See checklist and prayer over your home.

Before Ministry or Anytime after Ministry

Because I work and have a small staff that also works, we most of the time do not pray for people before their appointment. We offer Tuesday night prayer and intercession every week on Facebook Group called Prayer and Intercession. I sit this up to handle the number of prayer requests we get weekly. We pray over prayer requests.

Additional Ministerial Programs 

1st Sunday Monthly Miracle Healing Services on Facebook at 8:30 p.m. Join us at may need to copy and paste link into your browser)

This ministry believes that 80% of diseases has a spiritual root issue and that demonic attacks are a result of open doors such as spiritual iniquities – generational curses, personal sins, and/or stinkin thinkin. I received a lot of my healing when I learned the truth.  We perish from lack of knowledge Hos. 4:6.  Read Traci Morin’s Healing testimony! and/or read other healing testimonies

Coming Very soon we are offering Facebook Closed Membership Group called Overcoming Adversity to Victorious Life Partnership. When you join you are part of a monthly partnership iSchool community of like-minded believers where you will have access to On-Demand Unlimited Videos and Content to a growing library of courses.

Overcoming Adversity to a Victorious Life Partnership is a Christian-based private and safe online community, with spiritual support group, and peer mentoring program for Healing/Restoration


Possibly needing more ministry later on?
If you feel like you need more ministry after your time with Touch of God International Ministries, then you can fill out the short form ministry.

How can I prepare for my deliverance?

  • You must really want it. Stir up your faith – your part is important
  • Do a house cleaning in the natural. Get rid of all pagan idols, items that spirits can be attached to and
    pornographic materials in your household.
  • Pray, and if possible, fast prior to your deliverance.

What can hinder my deliverance?

  • Not doing the homework…preparing the entry points list and then doing the declarations boldly, out loud and
    in faith!
  • Unconfessed sin or ongoing sin that you are trying to hide. You must want your freedom for you!
  • Bottom line: if you do not prepare, do not do the homework and do not want to be free, then it is very unlikely
    that you will be delivered! So, take the time to watch the videos and fill out the other forms. Thank you!

Payment Must Be Paid the Day of Ministry

(Unless arrangements have been made) if you have not paid already. If you have, thank you for your donation!

If not, payment expected the week of or the day of the ministry.(You may need to copy and paste link into your browser).

Hold Onto Zoom Link – your access to receive ministry

Join Zoom Meeting – please don’t wait the last minute to set up zoom

Meeting ID: 760 048 5228


Symptoms of Bitterness and Antidote – Video

Benefits of Forgiveness – video

conviction vs condemnation – video

A Curse Causeless Shall Not Come – video

  • Bitterness List – Take the time to do this exercise and email it back to me at before ministry.

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Recommended Books

Spiritual Warfare Manuals
Spiritual warfare manuals

Standing in the Gap for your Family Prayers

and Spiritual Warfare Prayers Against Witchcraft

Learn about Spiritual Roots of Disease

A More Excellent Way Book - Spiritual Roots of Disease

Learn more about A More Excellent Way ebook

You can also buy a hard copy through Amazon.

Facebook Groups

What if I Need More Ministry?

In the walkout videos after ministry after I receive ministry?

In the walkout video, you will have a link for more ministry by filling out a very short form and/or joining our private community support group.

Newest: Overcoming Adversity to a Victorious Life Community Support group is an ongoing community support group. Offers – Weekly Teachings … Group Coaching Sessions … Q&A … Membership Vault.

Overcoming Adversity to a Victorious Life Community Support Group

Overcoming Adversity to a Victorious Life Community Support Group

The Overcoming Adversity to a Victorious Life Community Support Group

A monthly subscription for participates who want to stay plugged in with Touch of God International Ministries on an ongoing basis after receiving ministry. A safe place receiving encouragement, ministry, teaching, and along with other believers who are walking out their deliverance along side you as long as needed.  Learn more About this Overcome Adversity Partnership.