The Origin of Reiki and Prayer

Rei – Universal and All-Encompassing.  Ki – LIfe, Life-Force Energy, and Spirit Breath.  Life Force Energy is demonic spirits.

Learn the Origin of Reiki.  Dr. Mikao Usui is a man who re-discovered Reiki in the late 1800’s.  Skiki is – A Japanese word meaning “Style,” or “method.  It is using demonic spirits to bring healing and you will receive healing but your symptoms come back worse.

For those involved with Reiki and Want to Be Free from Reiki

Father God in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I confess that I have sinned against you and your Word by using
and accepting reiki, (+ name all known occult involvement) I renounce and repent  of my involvement in this/these and any further involvement in the occult such as Reiki that I  may have unknowingly entered into and I ask you to forgive me for my sin, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Father God, I repent and renounce the use of these spirits, Dia-ko-mio, principal-demon, occultism, Sei-heki, guiding-spirit, Tjoko-rei, principal-spirit, energy spirits, raku, firedragon, karunareiki, oshoreiki, christianreiki, bar-jesus, spirit guides, legions and personal lifeforce demons spirit of fear, and I command these spirits to come up and come out of me and go do dry places now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Father god, forgive me for being used as a reiki channel, the reiki spirit is “the  phoenix” or “dai ko mio” and not Jesus nor the Holy Spirit.  Father God, I repent and renounce this spirit and command all demonic spirits attached to me, to come up and come out of me now. 

I ask you Father God, in the name of Jesus christ of Nazareth, to cleanse me and wash me clean and remove all demonic spirits off of my mind, body and spirit.

Bad Symptoms of Reiki

Deliverance Prayers to Break the symptoms of Reiki

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