Do You Suffer From Fibromyalgia or Allergies

Learn the suspected causes of fibromyalgia

Did you know the spiritual root of fibromyalgia and allergiesis childhood emotional neglect and relationships. That means you were not nurtured either by mom or dad or both. When a person is not nurtured, a spirit of fear comes in along with fear of rejection.

Because of the rejection you received as a child, you deal with insecurities. Maybe you grew up in a home where you did not feel safe. That is the biggest root to fibromyalgia today. Also, you may not felt protected by your parents. Maybe you witnessed your mom being abused by your dad. Maybe your mom or dad were passive aggressive and you never knew when they were going to blow up. Same thing with allergies.

When a spirit of fear comes in to what you experienced or witnessed, your body produces cortisol that is a death hormone that blocks your interleukins, your immune system. You product too many B-Cells that causes the reactions to certain things.

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By: #tracimorin, Touch of God International Ministries

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