Seminar Deliverance Prayer Course Manual

Electronic PDF book 189 pages – Deliverance Prayer

This manual helps you uncover, expose, and destroy the hidden things to freedom. Not only that, approximately seven prayers to help you break demonic strongholds to a transformational breakthrough of freedom.

Cost: $35.00 online reserved at the seminar or $45.00 at the door.  There is no guarantee there will be enough seminar deliverance prayer course manuals at the day of the seminar on healing and deliverance.

A scripturally sound healing and deliverance seminar deliverance prayer course manual, for those who want to learn how to pray over themselves after seminar or just want to own a copy.  You will learn how to avoid traps and snares of the enemy and how to close doors to the demonic realm and demonic influences.  Overcome demonic oppression, breaking demonic strongholds, generational curses, etc.  Also, covers spiritual roots to disease and how to walk with the Lord’s covering or hedge of protection against diseases.  The Garden of Eden was a hedge of protection.

Attendees will gain valuable knowledge and understanding that is life-changing, as they are empowered to use the divinely-powerful weapons of warfare God has given all of us to find freedom and healing.

You can also buy the digital download seminar deliverance Prayer Course Manual for only $20.00.

Index Healing and Deliverance Seminar Deliverance Prayer Course Manual

  • Foundational Insight Overview
  • Traci Morin’s story
    • Donations Letter
    • Human Trafficking
  • Spirit World Reality – Discernment (2 hours) followed by Healing and Deliverance Prayers – Saturday
  • Outline
    • Spirit World Reality – Discernment
    • Generational Curses Prayer
    • Transformation of a City Almoslong, Guatemala
    • The Spiritual Battle (dealing with oppression)
    • Armor of God – ex Satanist story about the armor (participant reads on their own time)
    • Scriptures on the Flood Account comparison of scripture.
  • Dealing with Bitterness & Accusation (1.15 hour) followed by Healing and Deliverance Prayers- Saturday
    • Outline
    • Questions to ask about Bitterness
    • Deliverance Prayers
    • Vows and Judgments
    • Definitions of Bitterness
    • Definitions of Accusations
    • Characteristics of Bitterness
  • Occultism its theory and practices (1.45 min.) followed by Healing and Deliverance Prayers –  Sunday
    • Outline of Occultism – you open the door to occult curses
    • Occult Definitions
    • Deliverance Prayers
    • Twelve Forbidden Heathen Practices (participant reads on their own time)
    • Scriptures Regarding the Occult (participant reads on their own time)
    • Occult Checklist (participants goes through before Sunday)
    • Occult Holidays
    • House Cleansing Prayer and checklist
  • Dealing with Rejection and Envy and Jealousy (1.15 Min.)  followed by Deliverance Prayers – Saturday
    • Outline
    • Deliverance Prayers
    • Father’s Love Letter To You (renew the mind scriptures)
    • What Does God Really Want? (renew the mind scriptures)
    • Scriptures of your identity (renew the mind scriptures)
  • Unloving Spirit  (self-hatred symptoms) and Addictions (1.15 Min.) followed by Deliverance Prayers – Saturday
    • Summary
    • Deliverance Prayers
    • Unloving Spirit Definitions (participant read on their own time)
    • Overview of Addictions (for you to read)
  • Spirit of Fear (1.15 hour) followed by Deliverance – Sunday
    • Outline
    • Deliverance Prayers
    • Trauma checklist
    • Scriptures
  • Pathways to Healing and Walkout (45 hour) followed by Healing and Deliverance Prayers – Sunday
    • Outline
    • 8Rs to Freedom
    • Scriptures on Healing (participant reads on their own time)
    • Just How Important is Renewing Your Mind? (participant reads on their own time)
    • Walking Daily and Making Choices to Walk in Blessings (in the spirit) or in Curses Being Controlled by Satan Through Strongholds
  • After the Teaching what is next?
    • Start your walkout
    • Going the next level of training: Cost $375 manual, A More Excellent Way Book, certificate of completion, special graduation dinner, ordination (for those who are serious, etc.).  Visit

Why don’t you buy your healing and deliverance manual today. Own your own seminar course manual on healing and deliverance.  You will understand yourself better as well as understand how Satan operates and demonic influences, demonic oppression, spirit of heaviness, understand spirit of infirmity and open doors to sickness and disease and demonic influence.



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