Online Deliverance Courses (Healing through Deliverance)

Online Deliverance Courses – Anytime Video Classes $125.00 (16 teachings over 30 hours, receive 4 one-on-one personal ministry sessions 1 to 2 hours per session) – Healing through Deliverance

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Live to far to come to Dallas/Fort Worth FREE 2-Day Healing and Deliverance Seminar and need healing or deliverance from demonic bondages? Learn about Healing and Deliverance School of Ministry Online Anytime, On-Demand,Video Lessons. Over 20 Hours of Teaching and four (4) personal ministry sessions by Skype

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Many people have gone through Online Deliverance Courses online and found their healing and freedom from demonic influences or from demonic intrusion in their soul and now live restored lives.

Touch of God Ministries Setting Captives Free Online School of Ministry

Healing and Deliverance Online School of Ministry Coming Soon!


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