Please read all the information.

Thank you for taking the time to fill our form for our upcoming “Touch of God Healing and Deliverance Free 2 half-day Seminar” we are about Setting The Captives Free Spiritual Warfare.

Date: April 11 – 12, 2015 (Saturday & Sunday)

Times: Saturday starts at 11:45 to 7:30 p.m. Sunday starts at 1 to 7:30 p.m.

Location: Doubletree Hotel – Farmers Branch, 11611 Luna Road, Farmers Branch, TX.  Click on map for larger map.  We have special hotel rates.

If you live out of town coming to sem­i­nars, see list of nearby motels and hotels.  Our seminar is close to DFW Airport and most of the listed hotels have shuttles to and from the airport.

Make an investment on your life and buy a 189 page course seminar manual in 3-ring notebook $35.00 if ordered ahead of time otherwise at door $45.00.  You can also order PDF electronic download for $20.00 – print yourself Seminar Course Manual which both include deliverance prayers even house cleaning prayers.  It is to your advantage to have this manual.  Manuals will be available at the conference.   Visit:

Don’t allow circumstances keep you from coming.  Here is a spiritual warfare prayer teaching of how to cover yourself.

Attendees will gain valuable knowledge and life-changing understanding, as you are empowered to use the divinely-powerful weapons of warfare God has given the Body of Christ to bring freedom and healing.

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If you need a babysitter, please let me know ahead of time (3 to 4 days before conference).  See more information.

Three (3) Free Downloadable Books to say thank you for registering. 

Andrew Murray “Divine Healing” (87 pages)

Kenneth-E-Hagin-The-Believers-Authority The Believers Authority by Kenneth E Hagin.

Smith Wigglesworth “Ever Increasing Faith” (159 pages)




  1. Do Not Miss If At All Possible: To get all the benefits of this weekend, try not to miss any of the teachings and group ministry sessions. Each teaching builds on the other.
  2. Group Ministry and Healing Ministry Sessions: After most of the teachings group deliverance and at the end of all the teachings, healing ministry through the laying of hands. An opportunity to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
  3. We ask you to save your questions until Break times.  We have limited to the conference room and have a lot of to cover, please ask questions during breaks or end of class.
  4. Solicitations: Please be respectful and do not use this time for solicitation of any business products or business opportunities.
  5. Ministering to Others during Seminar: This is your time to receive ministry.
  6. Giving Prophetic Words of Wisdom, Knowledge and Prophecies, etc.: Please do not give prophetic words of any kind to anyone in attendance at the conference/seminar without first running it through instructor.
  7. Restroom during Teachings: If you need to go to restroom during teaching, please do it quietly.
  8. Recording: Recording of classes are strictly prohibited.

During Ministry after Most Teachings:

  1. Relax and cooperate with the deliverance minister and workers. There is nothing to be afraid of.  GOD never gives a spirit of fear; all fear is from Satan.
  2. Demons are like air.  They are usually expelled by the exhaling of breath.  This can be by yawning, coughing, deep breathing or gentle exhaling. It is good to take several deep breaths to help get the deliverance started.
  3. Please keep your eyes open during the ministry time.
  4. Don’t pray in the spirit – this can block deliverance.
  5. If you have any manifestations that are uncomfortable, please raise your hand and someone will help you.
  6. Manifestations: some people yawn, cough, or have nothing but the demonic is usually leaving.
  7. If you still need ministry after the seminar, please call my ministry line and leave your name, number and best time to call you and indicate you went through my 2-day conference.

I am looking forward to meeting you and seeing what God does for you.  We will have mini breaks but not meal breaks.  I will provide snacks!  I recommend you bring sandwiches.

AFTER SEMINAR:  I will be sending a link to fill out testimonies or what you gained from this seminar.