Thank you for taking the time to give me Feedback

I want to say thank you for volunteering to help me out with my newest program. I’m putting together called “Professional Christian women 30+ overcome anxiety due to work-life balance and performance to find personal peace, confidence, and genuine power through Jesus Christ.”

As you may or may not know, I went through many traumatic events in my life that affected my work-life balance and performance at work.

So, I’m finally doing something about it! And I’m actually writing a book and putting together Professional Christian Women to Overcome Workplace Stress and Find confidence and peace. And I just wanted to get your honest feedback on some of the ideas.

I dealt with insecurity and anxiety in the workplace; and it took me years of searching and struggling to finally break free from the chains that were holding me down, and to actually begin to walk in abundant life and joy like never before. I want to see other Professional Christian Women overcome as well. That is my heart.

The interview should only last 10 and at the most 15 minutes.

Again, want to say thank you, thank you, and many thank you for helping me out.

Again, once my book is done, I want to send you a copy.

Thank you again,

Traci Morin