Traumatic Event List Below

Learn About The Causes of Post Traumatic Stress Disorders

See below traumatic event list associated with post traumatic stress disorder. You may suffer from anxiety, phobias, or some type of fear that controls you. You may even suffer from ptsd symptoms. Below you are going to see signs of ptsd, and some negative behavior associated from emotional trauma, or from physical trauma.

Traumas and Symptoms Checklist

Trauma – sudden violent shocking event. It’s a traumatic events is that it refers to extreme stress that overwhelms a person’s ability to cope. Trauma is like a high intensity of high octane through extreme fear that causes a person to be overwhelmed to the point of being overcome with fear. Other spirits that come in through traumatic events (fear, rejection, self-hatred, self-rejection, bitterness, abandonment, insanity, unloving spirits, competition, etc.)

What Causes PTSD? See below:

A. Conception

1. Unwanted pregnancy

2. Conceived through rape

3. Conceived out of wedlock

B. In the womb

    1. Rejection/Illness, Physical and/or Emotional in Mother
    2. Rejection because of Wrong Gender
    3. Father left because of pregnancy of mother – abandonment and stress on the mom while you were being carried

C. Birth

1. Trauma of the birth process

    • Breech/Cord around Neck, etc.
    • caesarian – planned or emergency
    • Premature birth
    • Late birth
    • Genetic defects
    • patterns of illnesses early on
    • born with addictions

D. Circumcision

E. Separations

1. Initial separations

a. Premature birth

b. Being taken from the mother or father

2. Extended separations

a. Being in child care

b. Having a father away from home because of job, war, etc.

c. Being repeatedly uprooted

d. Growing up without a parent – divorce (fear, rejection, etc)

e. Given up For Adoption – someone gives you away

f. moving a lot.

g. parent(s) in prison or jail

F. Growing up

a. had brothers and/or sisters and felt they were more loved than me.

G. Divorce

  1. Parent’s divorce(s)
  2. You had divorce(s)

H. Accidents and injuries

  • Near Downing/Choking or Witness to them
  • Car Wrecks
  • Any type of accidents or tragedies such as living through destruction from events (tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes)

I. Death of parent (mother or father) – you feel angry with God

J. Family Conflict

1. Lots of Strife in the home. Either with parent or siblings.

2. Abuse (verbal, emotional, physical through violence, spiritual and sexual abuse)

3. Other:

a. Witnessing violence in the home/foster care/orphanages

b. Being in foster care/orphanages

c. Being in prison

d. Being in military schools/boarding schools

e. Keeping Family Secrets

f. Walking on eggs around a parents afraid they will explode

g. Coarse Jesting/Victimization/Family Scapegoat

h. being locked up in a closet or in tight places causing feelings of fear of tight places.

i. parent(s) addiction to drugs and/or alcohol

4. Personality differences

    • You don’t fee accepted or worthy in your family and/or siblings
    • You feel different by parents and/or siblings
    • You sometimes felt like you must of been adopted because you are so different from the rest of the family

K. False Religions/cults

  • You grew up in false religion
  • You made the decision to join

L. Satanic Ritual Abuse

  • Generational cult family
  • Neighbor or daycare or church
  • Organization

M. You were in Bad Marriages or parents in bad marriage.

N. Being unmarried or childless

0. Having abortions

  • Forced by boyfriend or parents
  • Your own decision to cover shame

P. Financial loss/poverty

  • Because of other people’s decisions
  • You making bad decisions
  • Because of natural disasters like Katrina
  • IRS
  • Bankruptcies
  • Been stolen from in business transactions
  • Loss of job and hard time finding another job.

Q. On the job and in the church abuse

  • Bosses – abusive
  • Pastors – abusive
  • Wounding in church

R. Unfulfilled expectations and broken dreams (Unfulfilled expectations and Broken Dreams (Hope deferred maketh the heart sick. Prov. 13:12)

S. Authority in the church – abuse of authority and/or mind control

T. Rejection due to physical/emotional differences conflict:

  • Parents/Siblings
  • Peers
  • School/Teachers
  • Bosses
  • Pastors
  • Doctors
  • Mates/Children
  • Government and/or Legal Systems like IRS
  • Wounding in church and the church system
  • Rejection by Girlfriends/Boyfriends
  • Incest/molestation/rape/robbery
  • Being in Dysfunctional Family and/or Marriage (like an alcoholic marriage, father losing everything, mother or father controlling (matriarchal or patriarchal witchcraft (jezebel) – bible submission, forced submission using guilt, shame, anger, cruelty to control you.
  • Financial loss/poverty and/or fear of poverty
  • Sickness and disease throughout life where it keeps you away from friends
  • Parents speak fear of God/Devil
  • Lies from Parents/Siblings (you are adopted, etc.)
  • Parents made you feel guilty or your fault

U. Natural Disasters (tornadoes, hurricanes, earth quakes, bad storms, fires, etc.)

List more that you know has happened to you:






traumatic stress disorder behaviors

V. Recorder spirit

1. Traumatic memories (intrusive and/or flashback memories of events)

2. Condemning memories that make you feel unclean or guilt

3. Bitter memories in the past that when you think about a person, you feel negative emotion.

W. Spirit of programming or manifestations of trauma

1. Being anxious on a daily basis

2. Shutting down emotionally

3. Eating out of stress or habit rather than hunger

4. Withdrawing and isolating

5. Stuck in grief – we get stuck with death.

6. Feeling like a victim – being stuck – we are suppose to be overcomers

7. Feeling unclean because of sexual abuse.

8. Self-pity – stuck in what others have done to you – you are living in the past. You see God does not really care or love you.

9. Overwhelming feelings of hopelessness.

10. Driven to help others and not take care of self. You get hurt because others don’t seem to receive from you or understand your intentions.

More of the Habitual Sin Programming symptoms:

·         performance, perfection, driven to receive love and acceptance from others – fear of being rejected,

·         you have to be perfect in everything or you are hard on self – self-accusing, self-punishment, self-torment running the event over and over in your mind,

·         you give your time or effort to receive love and acceptance from others,

·         isolation, withdraw or passive,

·         obsessive compulsive behaviors,

·         distrust of others or distrust of opposite sex or culture,

·         abandonment or fear of abandonment,

·         fear of being alone and so involved in everything to not feel the loneliness

·         fairytale mind set– dreamer,

·         depression,

·         anxiety or inability to handle stress,

·         shame and guilt feelings and don’t know why,

·         self rejection, rejection of others first – you have a wall of protection, etc. fear of being vulnerable,

·         phobias and panic disorders and avoid triggers such as tight places, etc.

·         insomnia,

·         cannot be still but always moving or doing something or you feel guilty,

·         you have to control your environment or you feel you are losing control,

·         you find yourself manipulate others unintentionally or intentionally,

·         you sometimes put guilt on others to do what you need them to do because you feel that is the only way you can keep them from making bad decisions,

·         sometimes intimidate others to get your way or because you feel you are right,

·         feelings of anger, rage, violence, murder with the tongue, violence regards to someone or something

·         self-hatred – you don’t like something about yourself physically or like who you are as a person, and you will spend more money than necessary to get that outfit to feel good about yourself,

·         You feel you have to have possessions to feel important like the biggest house on your block, etc.

·         nightmares, flashbacks of old memories that torment you, etc.

·         anorexia or bulimia eating disorders,

·         paranoia of others, organizations, etc.,

·         self infliction to stop the emotional pain

·         not able to focus

·         overly concerned what people think about you,

·         it is hard for you to ask for help because of fear others will reject you or see you weak,

·         Blames others for his or her problems. (Unemployment, family quarrels everything is “your fault.”)

·         Hypersensitivity. (Easily upset by annoyances that are a part of daily life, such as being asked to work overtime, criticism of any kind, being asked to help with chores or child care.)

·         You verbal abuse others and you hate it,

·         Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality. (Sudden mood swings and unpredictable behavior – one minute loving, the next minute angry and punitive.)

·         Cruelty to animals and children, (Insensitive to their pain and suffering, may tease and/or hurt children and pets.)

·         Past history of battering. (Has hit others but has a list of excuses for having been “pushed over the edge.”)

·         Breaking or striking objects. (Breaks your possessions, throws objects near or at you or your children.)

·         bitterness or stay pissed off to not be vulnerable to the abuser like a dad.

·         Are you attracted to people who just aren’t good for you,

·         Are you in a painful relationship and can’t leave and take the verbal abuse because you feel you deserve it or because of fear what others will say if you leave,

·         Isolation (Cuts you off from supportive resources, such as telephone pals and colleagues at work.)

·         Is it hard for you to put healthy boundaries around yourself without guilt.

·         If when excluded, you feel jealous

·         When good things happen to others, you feel that God does not love you or you feel invisible from God.

·         It is hard to trust God because of past abuse and you say “where was Go if he loved me. Why did he allow this to happen to me?”

X. The Power of Others Words

1. Words that wound – what others have said to you that hurt,

2. Evil declarations spoken over you,

3. Coarse jesting/nicknames said to you,

4. Negative diagnosis from doctors,

Y. The Power of Our Own Words

1. Vows that we have made – such a s” I will never be like him/her.”

2. I will never divorce no matter what.

I will never drink or be like them.

Do you experience?

o    Self-blame, self-consciousness, shame or guilt

o    Chronic or excessive anger, sadness

o    Indecisiveness, confusion, hard to think

o    Worry, anxiety, obsessive thinking

o    Unpleasant feeling, mood swings

o    Negativity, pessimism, irritability

There is hope for those who suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome. We at Touch of God deal with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and its symptoms.

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