Ungodly Order Connection to Learning Disabilities

When the wife runs the home, the house is out of order.  God is very specific about the order of the home according to The Christian Church cannot flourish without the Christian home.

If you are married, your spouse comes next. A married man is to love his wife as
Christ loved the church (Ephesians 5:25).  Here is an example a husband should follow: God first, then his wife. In the same way, wives are to submit to their husbands as to the Lord (Ephesians 5:22). The principle is that a woman’s husband is second only to God in her priorities.

There is a specific reason for this order.  The husband is the covering if the house like Jesus is our covering – otherwise ungodly order.  The husband is to protect the house from outside invaders because he is the man and is the stronger one.  Third, spiritually, if he is the head of the house, then he covers and protects the house from the demonic.  Why because the house is in order according to God’s order.

The Christian home is the backbone of the nation.  A Christian home is an institution where parents are bonded together by Christian love, where children are welcome and Spiritually instructed, and the Lord Jesus is not only the supposed head of the home.

When out of order, then confusion comes into the Christian home – ungodly order.  A spirit of confusion comes on your children operating as a curse.  The spirit of confusion invades your children as learning disabilities and homosexuality.

God has placed the husband as head of the home Gen. 18:19. Abraham commanded his household faithfully. The household includes the wife, children, and servants.

Eph. 5:23, “For the husband is head of the wife, even as Christ is head of the church.”

This is God’s order and the home that reverses it breaks God’s plan and destroys the peace of that home.

This does not mean that the wife is a slave beneath the husband’s feet. She is an help

This isn’t mere respect. This is the tremendous love of I Cor. 13, loving in health, in sickness, in poverty, and in posterity.

Wives, if your husband – Ungodly order –  out of order or is making wrong decisions, you keep your mouth shut and go to the Lord for the Lord to communicate to your husband.  If you do this, your trust will grow, God will bring more peace, etc.

Now, if the husband asks your advise, you have a right to your opinion or thoughts about issue but he is the ultimate decision maker and whatever he decides, you have to honor his decision even when it is wrong.

When a wife nags or corrects a husband, it only puts the husband in defense and only creates division and confusion in the household.  More things are done in prayer.  You see God is the husband’s covering and when you overstep your boundaries of the order, then you are interfering in God’s ways.  For the wife, it only shows the wife lacks trust in her husband or God.  Read Proverbs 31 in which gives great instructions to the wife.

Now, the husband is required to be faithful to his wife. We live in an age of lax moral standards and easy divorce and infidelity. The standards of God have not changed. God still demands honesty, frankness, and faithfulness between the partners contracting marriage.

It is the husband’s duty to comfort his wife in time of sorrow, I Sam. 1:8.  Even though most husbands are very detached emotionally, they should support their wives and give them strength because they are their covering.

He should consult with his wife on business matters, for they are a team.  Like I said earlier, wives should be consulted on but whatever decision he makes, she has to honor his decision regardless if she thinks it is right or wrong.

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