Divine Healing Today

First what is Divine healing and what is not divine healing today


Divine Healing in God is not healing by natural remedies, imagination, will power, demonology, spiritualism, immunity from death, presumption, in contrast with God’s will, mind over matter, denial of the plain facts of sin, sickness, and disease.


Divine Healing in God is a definite act of God through faith in Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, and the blood of Jesus Christ, whereby the human body is cured, healed, repaired, delivered from sickness and set free from it’s power, and the body is made whole in perfect health as it was before the attack.

It is not using modalities using energy because demonic spirit portray God but are not God.

Prescription drugs, are beneficial to us but may only deaden pain, kill germs, and counteract certain poisons in the body, but they cannot hea – no Divine Healingl. Many drugs are merely antidotes (remedy to counteract, relieve, or prevent the effect of sickness). The human body is so wonderfully made by God that with the correct chemical balance it will heal itself. The body made by God is Divine healed in God.

So be careful not to get caught up with other modalities and call it divine healing in God.  It is through the Holy Spirit sent by the Holy spirit that brings about divine healing in God.  Yes Divine healing is for today.  Jesus still heals but we have to do it his way.

Jesus is the true healing and so divine healing today is real.  Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to empower us to lay hands on the sick and to raise the dead like Jesus did.  He did not do other types of modalities.  HIs word is true and divine healing today is for anyone who believes in Jesus Christ.

Satan heals to but it is not forever and temporary and will come back with vengence on you.  He will give it but take it away and you will be worse off before.

Faith healing through Jesus Christ requires faith in God.  Otherwise, without faith it is impossible to please God.  So how to have faith in God?  How do I get my faith?  Through reading His word about supernatural healings Jesus did and the disciples did as well as buy books who God used to heal others.