The Devil Speaks To Us and Sounds Like My Voice

Satan is the “father of lies,” – stop listening to him when you are standing for something in your life.  If healing, salvation for family members, etc.

Praise the Lord when the enemy starts whispering in your ear say things like, “you won’t get healed.”  You start Praising the Lord and tell the enemy, “it is written” “it is written” “it is written” God’s word is truth and I will be healed or my family will be healed.  Tell him to get behind you because he is the father of lies who lies against God’s word.  He wants you doubt but don’t listen.  Stand in faith knowing God is a God of promise and His Word is of Promises and says you will be healed.

That means resist the lies of the devil – the devil speaks to us.  He will even say you are not loved by God.  He will even try to make you feel like a fool and steal your faith, joy, peace in your heart.

If you are doubting, it did not come from God but from the enemies camp so start praising the Lord until you get your faith faith back.  Faith comes by hearing so read God’s word of truth.  Stand and believe and praise the Lord for the answre before the answer.

You have to see you are God’s child and a father wants to give good things to his child.  If needed, repent for having a spirit of doubt and unbelief and get right with the Lord again.

Again, so why listen to the Devil.

by Traci Morin, Touch of God Ministry of Healing and Deliverance Servant and Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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