Why Some People Are Not Healed in Healing Lines?

How many of you have been through healing lines and have not been healed and you’ve gone so many times you’ve lost count.  Could there be a reason for not being healed?

Hindrances to Healing

There are blocks to your healing blocking you for your divine healing.  God truly wants to heal you today.  Could you be living in fear or what we call stress, how about self hatred or even guilt?  Maybe you cannot let go of sins in the past and even though you’ve asked forgiveness, you listen to that voice speaking to you telling you are guilty.  Is God’s word true that when we confess, it is like it never happened.  God forgets so why are you still remembering your past sins?

Is it because we have an accuser called satan who accuses the bretheren – you of your past mistakes, failures, etc.?  Yes, he is a lier and tries to get you to believe the lie and not the Word of God.

Healing and the Bible

You are no accident in God’s heart and you are truly called the bride of Christ but you don’t believe you are.
The Lord is still on the throne and He still heals today!  When someone is not healed there is a spiritual issue for example fear.  How about other areas in your life?

Are you on prozac to deal with your depression because you don’t feel good about yourself?  Did you know the greatest commandment is in three areas?  1) love god, 2) love your neighbor and 3) love yourself.

How many of you have been told to love yourself?  Can you truly look in the mirror and love what God created you to be or do you dispise what you see in the mirror?  The Lord wants us to have peace with him, with others and self.  Where is your peace?

Did you know when you live in self-hatred, guilt and low self-esteem, your seretonines go down which causes depression?  You go to the doctor and he gives you Prozac which is a seretonine enhancer.

Why Some People Are Not Healed: Blocks to Healing

You see you are what you think.  If you believe you are a failure and have self-hatred, and not be able to let yourself off the hook, the chemicals in your brain are going to produce good or bad chemicals responding to good or bad thought.  Do you want to learn to have peace with god, self and others?


by Traci Morin, Touch of God Ministry of Healing and Deliverance

Servant and Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Setting Captives Free from Disease and Spiritual Demonic Forces”

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