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Whatever you are Currently Struggling With, Touch of God Ministries Wants to see you Overcome Adversities

A Miracle Prayer for Deliverance and Healing Ministry

  • Our dedication is to helping individuals who are facing intense demonic torment, heavy spiritual oppression, or painful emotional trauma from an abusive past through prayer for deliverance from evil. We desire is to assist you in finding emotional and physical healing from demonic strongholds and physical oppression prayers for deliverance and healing through our powerful breaking strongholds prayers.
  • Touch of God Int’l essence of our Ministry is a ministry of humility, forgiveness, and love, the love of God in Christ Jesus.
  • Maybe you’ve suffered from childhood verbal and sexual abuse! We want to see your pain and bondage leave your life forever. Get help

Deliverance Training Opportunities

  • Our mission is to train those who feel called into a deliverance and healing ministry. Touch of God will teach, train, and equip so that they can help others find freedom from emotional pain, torment, and sickness and disease. Learn the 12/7/4 strategy process, and three training modules:
  • Learn types of generational curses and the effects of curses
  • The power of word curses and the power of the tongue
  • Unforgiveness
  • Dangers of the occult
  • Learn consequences of sexual sin and soul tie symptoms
  • Broken covenants and vows
  • Types of trauma and the effects of trauma on the brain
  • Learn ministering to others in deliverance. Learn more

Deliverance Training

“What you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” – 2 Timothy 2:2

The purpose of the deliverance school is to equip ministers who are called to set free others free from demonic strongholds. You know you are called to serve as a deliverance minister, and you have a desire to learn more how to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus! Our powerful prayer for deliverance and healing ministry process to set the captives free from bondage!

During training, we focus in the development of your spirits gifts God-given for the purpose of setting the captives free. The training is to equip you to help others reach their freedom.

Train / Equip / Empower Ministers

deliverance training

Module Training 101:

Want to learn more about deliverance and healing? Sign up for the anytime online deliverance video classes. Learn 16 modules on healing through deliverance foundation teachings. Optional: While going through the online classes, receive three personal ministry sessions. Learn more.

Equipping Future Ministers

Module Training 102

Do you desire to learn more about the nuts and bolts of deliverance ministry? Become a team member of Touch of God Ministry. Our deliverance ministry training is a proven and effective process (12/7/4 strategy) to set the captives free through our powerful prayers of deliverance from evil. Learn more

Mentoring Leadership Program

Module Training 103:

Our Mentoring Program is designed to educate, equip, and empower men an women to become effective deliverance ministers. We come together in a safe place, stepping out of your comfort zone and minister prayer to one another as a group. My desire is for you to become fully equipped and functioning an effective deliverance minister. Learn more.

Spiritual Warfare Manuals. Visit Store

Services Offered To Others

Jesus summoned His twelve disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal every kind of disease and every kind of sickness. Matthew 10:1

The purpose of deliverance ministry is to:

        • set free those who are in bondage, demonized, oppressed, and sick,
        • tearing downing strongholds of the mind, break up the legal ground, and cast out demons, and
        • bring spiritual victory, freedom, and healing to pursue their destiny in Christ,
        • through our powerful prayers for deliverance and healing.

spiritual victory and freedom to those who are in bondage

Personal Deliverance Ministry

Are you seeking prayers for deliverance from curses or demonic oppression symptoms? We help individuals identify the underlining cause of the problems or issues you are experiencing. Then minister in a one on one session or online deliverance. Touch of God Ministries is a unique deliverance and healing ministry for freedom and restoration.  Get started.

Prayer Request Form

The Power of Prayer Live Online Facebook Prayer Group! Our community of believers pray powerful spiritual warfare prayers for deliverance and healing and over all types of situations such as to receive support, encouragement, protection, and doctrinal teaching. We pray live prayers every Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. CST on a Private Facebook Group. Join us by signing up and filling out the prayer request form. Let’s Get Started

Healing Process From Disease Support Groups

Overcome Adversity and Experience Freedom iSchool Partnership

Coming Soon! Our mission is to propagate educational video teachings with the practical applications through prayer for deliverance and healing power of the Holy Spirit. The purpose is to help bring healing, deliverance, wholeness and love to those suffering from physical, mental, emotional, spiritual issues. Learn more About this Partnership


Overcoming Adversities to a Victorious Life iSchool Partnership

Coming Soon – Overcoming Adversities to a Victorious Life iSchool Partnership that is dedicated to bringing freedom and wholeness to the wounded, sick, and oppressed

Save The Children

$1 per day can eliminate human trafficking in 1 year. Build jobs and infrastructure for victims and their families… Stop Child Trafficking Now by giving today.


Help Touch of God to touch more lives through our Break-Free seminars, local, national, and international. Many people need teachings and freedom as well prayers for deliverance.

Ministry Team

Traci Morin, President
Traci Morin, President
Alicia Minor, Minister and Prophetess
Dana Blair, Minister and Prophetess
Kathy Johnson, Teacher and Minister
Kathy Johnson, Teacher and Minister
Carmen Johnson, Minister and Pastor
Carmen Johnson, Minister and Pastor
Cynthia Slaboda
Cynthia Slaboda, Minister
Shirley Burris, Board
Shirley Burris, Board
Liz Maldonado, Board
Liz Maldonado, Board

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